Thursday, October 6, 2011

A well overdue goodbye.

I started this blog when I was out of control. I had no control over my spending habits, I had no control over my social partying and I had no control over my diet and health. I spent my time gleaning the archives of other PF bloggers, learning about budgets, credit card interest and paying off debt till it finally all clicked for me and I was able to pay off my credit card.

The next goal was saving for travel, however as it often does, life gets in way of your plans. In May this year I had a health scare and was told by the doctor if I didn't loose weight I would be on my way to diabetes and other health issues. I'd gained control over my spending and social habits but hadn't gained control over my diet or health. I put everything on hold and for the last 6 months I've been educating myself on healthy food and balanced diets and exercising. It's worked. I've lost over 15.5kgs aka 2.4 stone or 34pounds and I'm now in a healthy weight range, my tests are normal and I look and feel fantastic!

I am happy, healthy and still debt free, I'm still saving for travel but not as much as I planned as I have willingly forked out for personal training, nutritionist, gym memberships and exercise gear. I'm on track for a May 2012 travel date, which is exciting and I can't wait!

But I guess what I'm really trying to say is I'm a reader not a blogger. I'm no longer in the place I was back in August 2010 and I no longer feel the need to blog.

Thank you to everyone who has provided me guidance and advice along the way. I still check your blogs every now and then but right now I'm enjoying finally feeling in control of (most) aspects of my life and no longer burying my head in the internet/vodka/big mac!

Maybe I'll come back for a post to let you all know when I'm in London!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Break time

Hey guys, things are a bit hectic right now at work and at home so I'm taking a few weeks off the blog while things sort out.

Talk to you all later (probably next week knowing me)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beauty Post

I can't believe how much make up and beauty products I actually have. I also used to focus on what I didn't have, I was so stupid!I'd go to a make up store and think, gosh I don't have that blush or that lipstick, go to priceline and buy another restorative face mask or a moisturising hair mask.

Doing project 10 pan, I've been paying more attention to what I do have, and I have a lot of stuff. I think I honestly have enough tiny little conditioners, hair masks, treatments and gels to last at least 6 months, maybe enough body products to last 3 months and waaaaay to much make up.

Every day I'm making an effort to use a new product and to use something from my project 10 pan. I've even made a little beauty schedule for things like weekly manicures, face masks and hair treatments (at home of course) so I can actually use all the products that have been lying unused in my bathroom. To be honest, I'm having a lot of fun and I feel more spoilt then I ever did when I was buying the products and not using them.

I think everyone should have a little project this week to go into their bathroom cupboards and pull out something that's been pushed to the back of the cupboard unused and use it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back!

Hi everyone, sorry for the Radio silence, I ran out of pre-paid internet credit and instead of topping up with my credit card I was frugal and lived without the net for a week.

Of course I wasn't totally without the net, I still had my phone. I don't think I've talked about how much I love my new phone plan? It's the $29 Vodafone Pre paid flexi cap, you get 500mb of data AND free Facebook and twitter, I pretty much only use Facebook and twitter so I haven't chewed up my data allowance like I usually did on my old plan.

I'm still catching up with everyone's blogs but It's great to read how everyone's going. Maureen good luck with the restaurant!

It's pay day today Yay. I'm not putting as much as I wanted to into savings. I've had a dearer then expected phone bill $270, so glad this is the last time I deal with the monthly plan bill drama. I also needed to buy some winter clothes, on my credit card. Yeah I know I should have waited till pay week, but it is freezing here and I didn't even have a scarf, gloves or a beanie, and they're kind of essential in winter time. I told myself I could only use it as long as I paid it off in full at the end of the month.

It's not even winter yet and it's cold already, my apartment doesn't have heating and I thought I could survive as long as I rugged up and used a hot water bottle, but I was kidding myself, I need to buy a heater stat! I hate all this extra expenses though, I don't want to spend off my budget plan, I want to save as much as possible but as quickly as possible but I had to step back a bit this week and realise health and safety is more important that saving. I had a terrible year last year getting every cold and virus and I can't afford to have that many sick days this year. Don't worry though guys, I'm not going to go off on a spending spree, I've been researching and I think a small oil radiator should be fine, they're the safest and the cheapest to run compared the the electric radiators. If I set aside $200 for it I should be fine.

Enough about me, how are you guys going? What's new?

Oh and I paid off my parent's loan so I am completely debt free!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration is weekly post to keep me motivated on my saving goals. The next time I'm at the shops drooling over a not on budget item I'm going to remember these posts and keep on track!

This Friday my inspiration is all the cute actors and comedians I want to stalk see out on the streets in the UK.

As usual all photos are from flickr so click on the photo for the source!

Dylan Moran: Scrufftacular

The Mighty Boosh - 009

Chris O'Dowd at the Secret Policeman's Ball '08

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping Time

I had to do a bathroom restock today, I didn't want to but I was getting a bit desperate so I picked up some much needed items. I got mouthwash, dental floss, exfoliating gloves, anti bacterial hand gel (it's flu season here and I can not afford to get sick like last year), umbrella (it's poring down rain here) and some makeup removing facee wipes. All in all it came to $38.74 and I can't believe how expensive it was an I only got generic. I could have got nearly a weeks worth of groceries with that much money.

I realised this week I need to update my glasses prescription, like Sarah at Digging out of Debt's son I have really poor sight and my lenses themselves cost over $200, including frames I'm looking at spending at least $400 on glasses. I don't have private health insurance so I can't get anything back. I can't put off getting a new prescription because I've been getting headaches and migraines from all the eyestrain. To be honest I'm really tired at how bad my eyes are, I've had significant eye operations when I was a child and my optometrists have always told me my eye sight prescription should stabilise when I become an Adult, well I'm 24 and every 2 years my eye sight gets worse by 4 points.

Anyway enough with the ranting, I've decided to go for contact this time 3months prescription for my lenses cost around $140 - $160 it's cheaper right now for me and good for my vanity. To pay for my lenses I did overtime on Saturday so I should be getting around $190 - $200 extra this pay. I've decided to take advantage of all the overtime that's on offer at work at the moment and use the money for any un-budgeted expenses (like the contacts) and put the rest into my savings.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

To much ranting

Thank you guys for the feedback on my last post, I had a rethink today and deleted the post, because as anonymous as my blog is, it's probably best I don't reveal to much about work.

I'm having a quiet night in tonight and ordering a very un-frugal pizza and cozying up on the couch. What is everyone else up to?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration is a weekly post to keep me motivated on my saving goals. The next time I'm at the shops drooling over a not on budget item I'm going to remember these posts and keep on track!

This Friday my inspiration is Cardiff! Ok So I'm a massive Dr Who fan and I love Torchwood! I would love to visit Cardiffand I would love to visit it and see all locations Torchwood was filmed at

All photos from Flickr. Click on the photos for the source!
Cardiff At Night 2

Cardiff Bay

Torchwood Team

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Goals

I was feeling a bit left out reading everyones May goals, so I decided I had to look into getting mine!

1. Have $500 in my emergency fund
2. Find a part time job
3. Have some items listed for sale on ebay/misc sale boards.
4. Organise my pretty boxes of "junk"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I learned last night

Last night I learned champagne and the macbook trackpad do not mix. Don't stress though! I also learn't if you cover said trackpad in rice for a day it will draw the moisture out and the trackpad will be back to new.

Today was payday, the majority of my pay is going straight to my rent so it's a frugal fortnight this time. I transferred $100 to my parents today as per our loan agreement. I have $1o0 left to go and I will be 100% certifiable, completely debt free. I wanted to give an extra $200 to my mum to pay back the "misc" money she gave me when I first moved but she won't let me.

My mobile phone contract finishes this month so I called the company tonight and cancelled my contract. I'm going to a $29 monthly prepaid account and cutting the internet off my phone. I've realised I do not need the internet and I can survive 8hours without checking my Facebook.

This is going to be a boring fortnight sorry guys, I'll be staying in, being frugal and doing nothing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Project 10 Pan.

Common Cents gave me a great idea on my post yesterday to use up 10 items of makeup before purchasing anything new. This is actually a popular thing in the makeup world. It's called Project 10 pan and it's exactly that, you use up 10 beauty and make up items before purchasing another!

I've trawled through my makeup drawers and found 10 items to use up and here they are:

Isabella Rosselini My Manifesto Perfume

Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick

Garnier Fructose Intense Anti Fading conditioner

Maybeline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Gorgeous Cosmetics - red lipstick

Gorgeous Cosmetics liquid foundation

Gorgeous Cosmetics Powder Foundation

MAC Paint pot painterly

MAC Pigment Chartreuse

Simple Hydrating facial moisturiser

I always work best with goals so this will hopefully help me curb those makeup lemmings everyday I walk past MAC.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I want to go Shopping!

I don't know whats wrong with me! I've paid my Credit Card off and I have no money in my savings account left to spend but all I want to do is go shopping.

I've looked at ebay for wigs, I've walked into MAC and played with the makeup and I nearly walked into JB HiFi to look at the DVD's but I stopped myself. I guess that good thing is that I haven't spent any money yet but that little spending voice in my head is starting to justify unnecessary purchases.

I don't think I have a spending addiction but I just love to shop and buy new and shiny things. It also doesn't help that I live in an inner city apartment block that is surrounded by the biggest shopping street in my city.

My Friday Inspiration posts keep me motivated as does the thought of having money in my savings account and being debt free, but sometimes it isn't enough, sometimes I just want to buy something.

To try and curb my spending or my want of new things I'm going to use my unused and new beauty products and make up every day, I'm hoping this will be enough of a mind game to help me not feel "without". I also only use cash envelope system when shopping which also prevents any non-budgeted expenses because I can visualise where my money is coming from, "oh only $24 for an entire season of Friends, that $24 from the food budget, oh gosh no put it back!"

I'd really love some advice or even some tales from your own life? Do you guys love to spend and how did you curb the spending habits? Better yet, for the ones that are debt free now how did you stop yourself from wanting to go shopping to reward yourself!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I loved it!

The Royal Wedding was amazing! I went to a friends house for a Royal Wedding party and we ate a very posh(sarcasm) dinner of KFC and Champagne.

I'm not normally so girly or gushy but I teared up while watching the ceremony and aaww'ed in delight at the dress. The cow stole my dress though, it's pretty much my ideal wedding dress so when I ever get married I'm going to be accused of copying her! Oh Well at least the design will be easier to find.

Prince Harry I'm single ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration is a new weekly post I've decided to start to keep me motivated on my saving goals. The next time I'm at the shops drooling over a not on budget item I'm going to remember these posts and keep on track!

This Friday my inspiration is Rome! I will definitely be visiting Italy during my travels but I can't decide how many cities I want to visit yet, I know I want to visit Rome!

Photos from flickr, click on the picture for source
Rome, The Flavian Amphitheatre (Coliseum).

Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City

Italian Pizza

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Proof

Here it is my credit card balance! I've decided to keep my credit card right now because It will probably come in handy when I need to book airplane tickets and accommodation, it will just remain in my wallet unused until then. I've updated my sidebars as well and added a bar for TRAVEL SAVINGS!

Yeah I'm still hyped up about the thought of saving for travel!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Credit Card Debt Free!!!

So I caved and I transferred the money from my regular account and E Fund to pay off my credit card and I can gladly say I'm Credit Card debt free, all that's left is to pay the last $200 from my parents loan and I'll be completely debt free.

This means I'm going to be living tight for the next pay fortnight with the majority of my pay going towards rent but I'm happy to do this for the joy of being Credit Card Debt free and being able to start my holiday savings plan sooner then expected!

If you want to know the reason for this change of mind from my last post, I partly blame the 5 day long weekend in Australia which has allowed me time not to do anything and to be to in my head thinking about my credit debt. I've also been bad with my money this pay and spent my entertainment fund 3 days into the fortnight. I was sitting on the couch tonight, stressing about the spending and decided rather then spend anymore money this fortnight I'll just put it all onto the credit card instead. It's a bit stupid, actually probably a lot stupid but I'm so happy to be Credit Card debt free so I can stop stressing about my money and start SAVING my money.


I'll update the sidebars once the payment clears my bank fully and the balance shows $0

I'm breaking up with fashion blogs

I love fashion, I love style, I love clothes, I love make-up, I love fashion magazines, I love shoes and I love jewellery but this is all part of what got me into this mess in the first place. I keep up to date by following fashion and style blogs and reading magazines since I've stopped spending I still read the blogs and magazines and it's not helping me on my spending ban!

I read a blog and want to spend $200 on a pair of doc martens or I read a magazine and want to buy the next MAC makeup collection this is not helpful to my spending ban so I've decided to stop reading fashion blogs and magazines right now while I'm on the spending ban and saving for travel. I don't know how long I'll last and I might cave a few times and check some blogs out but for now our relationship is over! Goodbye !

Weekly Money Check-Up

I haven't done one of these in a while! It's My Pretty Pennies Weekly Money Check up time!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on My credit card payment as usual, I can't wait till I can answer "Savings"!
2. Today I am thankful the 5 day weekend is over tomorrow, this sounds a bit sick but I am so bored!
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was staying in the other night and drinking a cup of tea and watching dvd's.
4. I will consider this week a success if I do not stress out at work.
5. My favorite TV show growing up was EVERYTHING! Rugrats, Aah Real Monsters and The Adventures of Alex Mack are the main ones!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm frustrated

I'm frustrated with my friends right now they all know I'm saving to travel and I can't afford big nights but they just don't get it. I haven't gone out much recently and people are noticing, I have friends who will send me messages on Facebook saying how "We need to catch up" and inviting me out, when I say I can't afford to go out right now but I'd love to do something a bit cheaper maybe a cup of coffee or seeing the latest free thing thats held around my town they don't reply!

I had a close friend last night, chuck a tantrum over the phone at me "because I'm no fun anymore". I'm really sorry if I'm not fun but I'm broke and I'm trying to go overseas, clubbing is on permanent hold right now. I'm struggling a bit with my lack of social life right now, but I'm not saying the struggle is a bad thing I've been involved in an unhealthy social circle right now and I've known for a while I need to peel away from it all.

There's not much point to this post really, I just needed to vent some frustration. Sorry.

Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. The day we commemorate the service of the men and women who fought to keep Australia free and safe, the reason for this date was during worldwar 1 25th of April was the date Australian and New Zealand forces landed in Gallipoli (turkey) to capture Turkey which was then an ally of Germany. The fight was not a success and we lost over 8,000 people and today is the day we thank them for their service.

ANZAC Day is not just about the 25th of April anymore though, today we also thank and recognise the service of every man and women who fought for Australia in all the proceeding wars. My ancestry is English and Australian during both World Wars our English side lost family members.

There are often news paper articles or news bites about young Australians being apathetic to the day but I'd like to argue that is only a small few (the drunk 18-19yr old Bogan boys). My friends and I are grateful for the service they provided for our freedom and every year we recognise this by attending the marches in support and speaking respectfully of the service these people have provided us. I'm planning to travel to Anzac Cove in Turkey during the next Anzac day to show my respects and see the service.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I won 1 million dollars

Do you ever have one of those days at were everything just drags? I have them all the time, to keep me entertained during the boring times I like to dream about money, mainly what I would do if I won a certain amount or how much I would save if I saved a certain amount in a certain time frame. Today I have been dreaming about what I would do if I won $1,00,000 and here is what I would do!

If I won $1,000,000 I would:

1. Pay off my mothers mortgage approx $250,000
2. Pay off my credit card and loans $1472.58
3. Pay off my brothers loans and credit card debt $11,000
4. Give my mum and brother $50,000 each $100,000
5. Epic Party $5,000
6. Around the world holiday $60,000
7. Move to the UK and establish myself in a rental property $8,000
8. Go to university and study photography $20,000
9. Put the rest $433,472.58 into a savings account and generate interest until I decide if I want to buy property in the UK or what.

Number 9 is pretty boring but the stock market scares me, maybe I should use the rest to hire a financial advisor to let me know where I should save the rest. What would you do if you won 1 million?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sidebar update

It was payday on Wendesday and I transferred money to my debts and into my savings.

Current levels
Credit Card - $722.89
Parents Loan - $200
Emergency Fund - $300

I am so close to paying my credit card off I can taste it, I even have enough money in my bank account right now that I could transfer it all onto my credit card and it would be paid off! I was very tempted to do this on Thursday but I realised it wouldn't be a good idea because it would leave me with around $10 for the next fortnight and I would still be in the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

I'm steadily paying everything off and paying all my bills on time and at the current rate I'm on track to be debt free by the end of July!

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration is a new weekly post I've decided to start to keep me motivated on my saving goals. The next time I'm at the shops drooling over a not on budget item I'm going to remember these posts and keep on track!

This Friday my inspiration is London! I want to live and work in London and scope out all the places locals know and love but I'll definitely be exploring all the tourist places first!

Photos from flickr, click on the picture for source
The unknown Photographer at Big Ben

London Eye View

Buckingham Palace

I know there are some UK bloggers out there! Do you guys have any tips for where I should go or what I should do?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want to buy a vacuum.

Spending last week back at my mum's house has served 2 purposes, 1) to make me really, really home sick and 2) it's given me the spending urge!

I haven't purchased much things for my apartment because I know I'll be leaving it soon so I've been making do with substitutes, for instance I don't have a vacuum so I use a broom instead and i don't have a mop so I use an old towel and kind of walk it all over the floor, I realised when I was at home that this method is not doing the job, my mums floors are lovely and clean and mine are gross. I really need to buy a vacuum and a mop, I'm not going to go crazy and buy a Dyson or something I think I would be fine with a $40 one from Kmart. I feel guilty about going off my spending ban for this but I think I can deal with the $40 expense for the joy of a clean floor.

Am I kidding myself though? Should I make do with what I have? Do you guys think this an expense worth breaking my spending ban for?

EDIT: I've agreed to do overtime at work this week and I will use this income to buy a vacuum and put the rest into my credit card debt. Wow I think I may be finally starting to make responsible financial decisions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thinking of changing banks and hidden bank fees

So a couple of weeks ago my budget did not match my bank account and I couldn't realise why, all my spending added up and I thought I hadn't missed noting any spending. I had a look at my transactions and found I had been charged $46 from my bank in bank fees, this is going to sound so stupid but I thought I was only charged $5 a month in bank fees. I had a look into all my accounts and fees and was shocked at what I found, I've been with my bank since I was 6years old and I'm really attached to my account for this reason. I know my bank account number off by heart and I also love their online banking account.

One of the benefits of my work is that I get fee free banking with their linked bank. I have opened an account but I haven't really used it yet but now I'm considering changing to my work bank full time. I've done a rough breakdown below of all my accounts and the benefits of my work bank.

Current Bank

Regular Account
- $5 monthly fee which comes with 15 free transactions a month (not including access fees, like other banks ATM's)
- $2 fee for staff assisted withdrawals - I had no idea about this.
- Once I exceed the 15 transactions on the account the charges are this
- $.50 for CBA ATM Cash withdrawals
- $.30 for CBA ATM Transfers
- $.50 for eftpos in Australia
- $.30 for self service phone withdrawals
- $.30 for online banking and online bill paying, direct debits
- $2 for non brand ATM withdrawals
I've held this account since I was 6 years old and It did not have any fees until I turned 18.
On this account I make on average 46 transactions a month, which means 31 of my monthly transactions are generating a fee of some sort.

Debit Card - I need to have a separate debit card as my regular account can not do debit cards
- $4 monthly fee
- no extra fees like my regular account

Savings account
- No fees
- 3% interest
- 3% bonus interest if I deposit a certain amount every month and don't withdraw it

Credit Card
- $17.94% Interest
- $4 a month account keeping fees
If I was to change accounts I would not change this and just keep this and pay it off.

Pros for existing bank
The account history
I love, love, love their online banking platform. It's so much more crisp and well put together and easy to use

The fees.
They're a market leader and they won't negotiate on fees with me

Work Banks

Regular Account
- comes with a debit card
- Fee free banking for everything except using other banks ATM's
- no monthly fees

Savings account
- no monthly fees
- Fee free banking
- 5% Interest per annum

No fees

The clunky online banking platform
the loss of my 18yr old transaction account :(

Not counting credit card interest I pay between $20 - $40 a month in account keeping fees. I've realised by writing this post that my attachment to my 18yr old banking account is not worth the waste of money.

However I have also been looking at HSBC and they have pretty much the same deal as my work bank. The HSBC everyday banking account has no monthly fees and transaction charges plus it also comes with a visa debit card attached the account. Their online savings account also has a rate of 5.25% interest which is lower then my Commonwealth account. I was planning to open a HSBC account before I left for the UK because the also operate in the UK I wouldn't need to go through the drama many expats have trying to open a bank account in the UK.

I've written this post over the past two weeks while researching the banks so now I think I've pretty much decided to open a HSBC account as there are no fees and I'm going to need to open one before I leave for the UK so why not do it now and save the drama. What do you guys think anyway? Would you go for the HSBC or for my work bank?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holiday Spending recap and no credit card use!

I had a lovely time with my family this week, we still had the usual family drama (don't all families?) but it was still great to be home and enjoy the warmer climate!

I set myself the budget of $100 for the holiday and I spent $106! I'm not kicking myself that it's only $6 over I had so many shopping temptations this week but I resisted them all PLUS I didn't touch my credit card at all! I'm happy I didn't use it, I even thought of using it a few times and was justifying a clothing purchase in my head but I resisted!

I also need to admit that I haven't been tracking my spending for the rest of this past pay period. I haven't exceeded my budget but I still haven't been tracking it. I'm still very focused on paying my credit card off and saving for travel so when I get paid this wednesday it's back to tracking my spending!

Holiday Spending
$10 - Necklace
$10.95 - Gift
$18.05 - Groceries for when I made dinner one night
$9.60 - coffee for my mum and I one morning
$8.20 - Coffee again
$13 - lunch
$5.05 - digital photo printing
$15.80 - supplies for plane ride (water, gum, magazine)
$7.50 - breakfast at the airport (I had a 7am flight and had to get up at 5am!!! for my flight)
$3 - coffee on the plane
$17.80 taxi home

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration is a new weekly post I've decided to start to keep me motivated on my saving goals. The next time I'm at the shops drooling over a not on budget item I'm going to remember these posts and keep on track!

This Friday my inspiration is Paris. I've been obsessed with France since I was a little girl and I've always wanted to go there, living in London I will only be a short train ride away so I plan to spend a few weekends there exploring!

Photos from flickr click on the photos for the source

Cuba Gallery: France / Paris / people / man / buildings / old / historic / street / photography

Paris-Eiffel Tower.JPG


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The dysfunction in my family is driving me mental

I've been home for 1 day and I already feel like I'm loosing my mind. We had my nieces christening today and as usual my family members were fighting, I'm not going to discuss everything on a public blog but after everything that happened I'm feeling tired, stressed and emotionally drained.

On a more positive note though when I was flying up over the weekend my flight was delayed so I had a few extra hours to kill at the airport. Instead of sulking around at McDonalds or using the internet I window shopped and stalked the international departures area. I had such an awesome time, a bit lame to admit this I know, but the jealousy I felt watching everyone else go past the security gates has helped me with my savings motivation. I really want to travel and I'm going to do everything in my power to have enough money saved to do it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updated sidebars/Down to 3 digits!

So I noticed my pay came in early tonight so I decided to pay my bills so I could update my sidebars!

I would really like to bring to your attention to my credit card debt which is now $972.89, I've broken the $1000 barrier!!!

It was easy to get the debt down to this much, I always do this, I've been doing this for the past 6 years, running my credit card debt up and then paying it down, my real challenge this time is to keep it down for good, no more one off "small" purchases and my credit card stays at home. I've decided for know to keep my limit at the $1500 mark and keep the credit card around because I am going to need it in the future to buy overseas plane fares and things like that.

I'm also happy I have $300 left to pay back my parents on their loan but I've decided to pay back an extra $200 which my mother gave me as a gift to pay for misc items I needed for my new place. I figured it's time to stop relying on my parents for everything and my Mum could really use the money right now.

I've decided to change my savings account right now to an emergency fund. Once the emergency fund reaches $1000 I will start a separate savings account for travel savings. Eventually when I go to travel I will roll my emergency fund into my savings account or keep it as an emergency fund to have while I travel and maybe have enough for a ticket home or something in there.

Busy week and a call for help!

I've had a hectic week at work, it's never ending right now, just when things get under control the sh!t hits the fan and we're back to warp speed.

Anyway, nothing new to report still tracking my personal finances, pay day tomorrow and I love using cash instead of my ATM Card!

I am having some issues with bringing lunch from home this week. I'm getting tired of my bulk frozen soups and I need some new ideas! Does anyone have any ideas for yummy and frugal lunches that is not minestrone soup? It's coming into Winter here in Australia so it needs to be warm and nourishing and I'm trying to loose weight so it needs to be healthy and I low GI. I have lunch in an office so it can't be to smelly and I have access to a microwave, toaster and a sandwich press.

I will love you all long time if you give me some tips!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What should I do with this extra income?

Yesterday I went to the bank and deposited the lost medicare refund cheque I found last week when decluttering. It was for $160.45. I love the extra money BUT I don't know what to do with it. I have 4 ideas but I can't decide so I need some help.

Option 1) Buy new contacts $120 and put the remaining onto my credit card. It would be great to have contacts again, my glasses don't property fit my face and always slide down my nose, also it's a bit of a vanity thing.

Option 2) Put it straight onto the credit card

Option 3) Put it into savings

Option 4) Leave it as a buffer in my account for when any larger bills come through.

The vain shopping loving lady in me wants to go for option 1, but realistically I'm leaning towards either option 2 or 4. What would you guys do?

I've used part of the money last night for dinner and desert with some friends $36.99 and the rest I am doing Option 4 and leaving it in my account for larger bills, I know my electricity bill is due soon and I don't think I've budgeted enough, plus I'm going to need to pay the excess for my insurance claim next month.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't play lotto

There's a new TV show in Australia called Winners & Losers and it's about 4 old high school friends who meet up at a 10yr reunion and in an odd set of circumstances they end up buying a lotto ticket and in the power of television they win $10,000,000.

That's not the interesting part for me though, when they're buying the ticket one of the girls refuses to put in protesting that its not worth it and when they win the lotto the others decide to cut her into the win.

I'm the friend who never puts into the lotto ticket, I don't like to gamble and don't see the point of paying the money when the odds are so stacked against you to win but watching this show the other night I had a doubt of maybe I should actually enter or at least go into the office sweeps. But then I google the odds and find it's a 1 in 27,489,577 odds to win the lotto, maybe I'll regret this when my office wins the lotto but right now I'd rather but that ticket money to my credit card debt or a savings account and watch it grow.

What do you guys think? Am I being naive, should I put into the office sweeps? Do you guys play the lotto?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Money Check-Up

It's My Pretty Pennies Weekly Money Check-Up time!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on my credit card payment.
2. Today I feel in control of my money. I'm definitely loving the cash envelope system instead, It's helping me visualise where my money is going.
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was I took my best friend on a tour around the Queen Vic markets, we didn't spend a thing but it was fun to walk around and see things.
4. I will consider this week a success if I clean my apartment, completely.
5. The last time I had a good nap was maybe when I was a kid, I don't really have naps.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wekeend re-cap

I had a great weekend and I kept within my budget! yay! I spent yesterday sick in bed and as a result of missing my weekend clean my apartment is a mess. I've skipped class tonight and am going to get my place in order.

To do list:



change bed sheets

clean bathroom

clean lounge room

clean kitchen

put away clothes

take garbage out

There's not much point to to this blog, I just need a list to cross off as I clean.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My city hates me

Winter is coming and it's freezing! I can feel a cold coming on so I've bundled myself up at home tonight with hot soup and the least season of friends. My best friend is coming down to visit me tomorrow and I can't afford to be sick this weekend, we have so many plans so I hope this is a passing cold, if this doesn't work I went to the shops today and got the ingredients for chicken noodle soup.

ugh, excuse me I'm off to blow my noise.


I updated my sidebars, I love seeing them fill up! Next fortnight I should be able to break into 3 digits on my credit card! Yahoo!

EDIT: Not going to happen but I am completely lusting after the iPad2 right now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budget change around

I've had a re-think of my spending process this fortnight and I've decided to trial a cash envelope process for my "non bill" expenses. I'm going to keep cash envelopes of how much money I've allocated to food, entertainment, health and beauty and gift expenses. All my bills will still stay in their usual bank transfers but I'm hoping this new process will help me get more of a handle on my expenses so I can limit the overspending. I went to

I've done a rejig of this fortnights budget as well to factor in my medical bill and also some extra entertainment expenses because my best friend and her boyfriend are coming down for the weekend and I need to do the tourist thing and show them around and that's going to cost me. I've also allocated a gift expenses fund because my work loves birthdays and nearly every week we get called on to "donate" money to presents this past fortnight I've been paying my donations with spare change I had in my drawers and not allocating it to my spending, but it's time to factor this into my expenses.

I would just like to note as well my rent is paid monthly but every fortnight I need to allocate the money out of my budget to make sure I don't spend it!

250 credit card
586.5 rent
100 parents
49 internet
42 gym
40 phone
25 electricity
25 house
60 medical bill
100 savings
120 food
50 entertainment
20 gifts

I was only planning to keep only the food, entertainment and gifts in cash however when I went to the ATM today I failed at maths and withdrew $210 instead of $190 so I'm still tossing up between going to the bank and depositing the money back into my account or just keeping the $20 in a cash envelope for the house fund category.

The one thing I am unsure about is how will I be able to snowball any unspent money from these envelopes? Do I keep the money in a jar and deposit back into my bank account when it gets big enough our do I cary it over to the next fortnights envelope? Has anyone else had any success with the Cash envelope system? Does anyone have any feedback or advice?

Weekly spending

So it's payday today and today's a long post, to break it all up I'll do 2 posts, first post is my weekly spending

Friday 18th March
No spending

Saturday 19th March
-$45 haircut at the local training sailing (it looks awesome, very short)
- $12 Hair dye after cutting my hair I needed to dye the roots
- $7.67 Aldi ( my friend took me to the local aldi to check out the bargains, I didn't get much but I will definitely be back!
- $4.35 mcdonalds ( we got lunch, yeah shameful)
- $12 - we had a some beers at the pub afterwards

Sunday 20th March
- $8 hungry jacks

Monday 21st March
No spend

Tuesday 22nd March
No spend

Wednesday 23rd March
+ $1495.58 - pay
- $250 credit card
- $100 parents load
- $100 savings
- $49 internet
- $31.70 groceries

The end result of my fortnights budget is $2.82 left over which I snowballed straight onto my credit card. last fortnight I was good at paying my bills and staying within my actual fortnightly credit but I was bad at keeping within budget for my budgeted expenses.

I've tried to update my sidebars with the new total for the bills and savings I've paid today but its not working for some reason?

Anyway onto the next post.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wed 16th of March
- $40.42 - Groceries
- $29 - Pre-paid internet card, unexpected expense however I had to update my Operating System, which was annoying.

Thursday 17th of March
No spending

I'm thinking of taking my money update to weekly instead of daily, I'm to much of a scatter brain to remember to post everyday and it's probably boring for you all to read a daily spending report.

Anyway on to the good stuff, I'm going back home for a week next month and I've been thinking of allowing myself a $100 fun allowance for while I'm back home. I'm going to be catching up with friends and family and people are probably want to get a coffee, or go to the beach and then grab a drink and do other socially things. My mother and I also want to do something together, she's suggested going to this day spa which will cost $65 and you get a 1hr massage, use of a mineral pool as well as lunch at the cafe, it sounds amazing and Mum and I have never done anything like this before. However it would take a huge chunk out of my fun money and I don't think I can justify this right now, maybe I should just suggest we get pedicures instead?

I also was looking in the mirror today and It's come to my attention that I
really need a hair cut. A couple of months ago I had a misguided experiment with home bleaching and the results were disastrous, I dyed my hair back to my natural colour and have been frantically conditioning my hair but my hair is just fried and frizzy and it snaps off whenever I brush it. It's something I haven't budgeted for, or even considered but if I go to a training college I should be able to limit the cost if I go to a training salon.

I wouldn't mind something like these two styles,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Money Check-Up

It's My Pretty Pennies Weekly Money Check-Up time!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on paying my debts.
2. Today I feel positive towards money.
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was organising my filing! I love feeling organised!
4. I will consider this week a success if I don't take the abuse from customers personal again.
5. My ancestors are Mongrels! I'm part english, irish and spanish.

I had another no spend day today, Yay, although the happiness was a bit overshadowed by another stressful day at work. I love my job and I love what I do but sometimes dealing with customers can get a bit to much, because my job is mainly phone based for some reason people will be much ruder then what they would be in person. I try not to take it personal but with how busy my industry is from all these natural disasters every thing is delayed and people aren't happy about it. There's nothing I can do about the delays, yelling at me, swearing at me, speaking to me like I am a piece of dirt does not speed up the process.

Sorry for the rant I just needed to get this out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Productive Day/No spend day

I had a productive day today, It's a public holiday here so I used the day off to clean my apartment, do my washing and do some organising. I cleaned up and organised my filing system, I had 2 expanding files that were just full of random documents with no organisation, while I was going through these files I found a $164 medicare refund check that I'd never banked! OMG. This is a definite pro to keeping an organised filing system in the future, I won't ever loose cheques!

I'm really focusing on de-cluttering right now, there's nothing more therapeutic then going through drawers and cupboards and riding yourself of junk you haven't used in years, I've thrown out clothes I haven't worn since high school, broken pieces of jewellery, old magazines and heaps of old birthday cards. I really wan to focus on getting my possessions down to the minimum in preparation for traveling.

Today was a no spend day YAY, mainly because I just stayed at home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 13th of March

I went to a free festival in my city today, we had a good time, saw some bands and enjoyed the general festivities. I had a great time, but I'm dreading sharing the spending I did, but anyway here it goes.

- $3.50 a bottle of water (entertainment
- $4.50 a corn on the cob (entertainment)
- $2.80 a slush puppie (entertainment) In my defence it was really hot

From now until next pay day I can not spend any money except for $1173 for my rent, $42 gym fees (which both get debited from my account) and my budgeted $50 for food. This should leave me with $72.91 left over from this fortnights pay which I plan to roll over into next pays budget for bills. From my next pay the complete OH MY GOSH I'M 24 AND I NEED TO TRAVEL SAVING PLAN comes into place.

debt repayment plan

So I posted my last post without actually sharing how I was going to achieve paying off my debt by July, oops.

As per my budget on this post I'm aiming to pay off $500 a month to my credit card and $200 a month to my parents for the loan I took out for the bond on my apartment, with any amount left over out of my budget it will go straight to my credit card. With this payment plan I should be able to have all my debts repaid by the end of July.

Now onto the spending this weekend.

Friday 11th of March
- $25 - work dinner (entertainment)
- $10 - alcohol (entertainment)
I had a preplanned work social outing that night, I wasn't planning to buy alcohol but after a pretty stressful week we all shared a few bottles of wine (and I'm sure the resultant hangover on saturday morning)

Saturday 12th of March
- $6.08 - It was beautiful weather yesterday and my friends had a barbecue, my contribution was the soda (Food)
- $10 - I got a taxi home, I live only a 20minute walk from her place however to get to my place I need to go through a dodgy area, as I was walking home at 10:30pm a car tailed me for a few minutes so I ran across the road and grabbed a passing taxi, the taxi only cost me $6 but I was so grateful he stopped I told the cabby to keep the change (entertainment I guess)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've decided to set myself the goal to have all my debts paid off by July 31st.

That's only 4 months away, I can totally do that!

10th March Spending

Thursday 10th of March
- $1.50 - diet coke (entertainment expenses)
- $2 - contribution to work birthday gift (need to figure out where this comes from)
- $38.05 - Groceries (food)

So I didn't need that diet coke but at least I'm getting better then what I used to be! I used to have at least 2 cans of diet coke a day, now I'm down to 2 a week, but I still want to get down to 0 and keep free from chemicals.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An unexpected bill

I received an unexpected bill yesterday, it was $60 for a blood test I had to check my iodine levels, along with a host of other tests. Just so you other non Australian bloggers aren't shocked that I was shocked I was charged for a blood test, Australia has Medicare and things like blood tests are usually "bulk billed" aka covered by the government, which are paid for by our taxes.

Back on topic I was so shocked to receive the invoice because I had never been told that the iodine test wasn't covered under Medicare neither my doctor who prescribed the test, the receptionist at the clinic or the nurse who took my blood advised me this particular test wasn't covered. I'm the least likeliest person to complain or make a fuss but I really want to call the clinic and ask why I was never told about the extra cost.

Does anyone have any advice for contesting medical bills or any undisclosed bills?

Weekly Money Check-Up

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on $50 for a new phone.
2. Today I feel hopeful towards money.
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was I cleaned my kitchen. Don't laugh but as much as I hate cleaning I love the feeling of a clean house afterwards.
4. I will consider this week a success if I..... I don't know right now.
5. My guilty pleasure TV show is Keeping up with the Kardashians. Yeah you're judging me, but I love them!

from My Pretty Pennies Weekly Money Check-Up

Pay Day

Pay day today.

Wednesday 9th March
+ $1675.51 - wage, including overtime pay
- $100 - credit card
- $100 - Parents loan
- $5.20 - lunch which is deducted from my weekly food budget
- $3.70 - Tram ticket, it was raining today and I had to get the tram home (need to figure out where this will be deducted from)
$29 - Prepaid internet top up

I made the most amazing (and cheap) dinner tonight! 3 Chicken thighs, 1 packet of dry soup mix, some powdered vegetable stock in the crock pot fill to a 3rd of the way with hot water then cook on Low for 8 hours.

I came home to the most delicious smell and I swear I'll have about 5 serves from this pot.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why bulk buying is that frugal if you're single

So one mistake I made when I was first getting into budgeting/frugal living was to bulk buy. I read so many blogs that promoted this method of saving food money that I became super eager and would always look out for bargains, I didn't consider that these blogs were written by mothers and couples, not by single people. For me it was a waste of money to buy a 2kg bag of potatoes for only $3 or the 2 for 1 carton of milk or the 1.7kg bottle of sundried tomatoes because I could never use them before they spoilt. I'd end up with a half full mouldy pile of tomatoes, sour milk and my 1.7kg bottle of sundried tomotaoes? I've only used 1 quarter in 3 months and they're starting to get a funky smell.

I'm not saying bulk buying is bad for single people but I'm saying its not the be all or the end all of frugal living. I buy in bulk my non perishables like flour, sugar, tea, UHT milk, canned goods. I have considered buying beans and brown rice but I don't think I could finish the rice before it spoiled and I'd probably get bored of the bulk beans and push them to the back of the cupboard. For fruit and vegies I go to the prahran markets or Queen vic markets and try to only buy what I need. This for me is living frugally and within my means.

Pleasant surprise!

I just found out today that my work may be sending me to a training conference in my home state in April, exactly around the time I need to be home for the family event! I'm hoping it works out because it means I won't need to pay for flights, or accommodation!

fingers crossed!

This didn't eventuate Sad panda :(

However my Mum ended up paying for the plane tickets for me.

Just getting some shopping urges out of my system

I don't need it. But they're still so pretty. Resisting the shopping urge!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spending ban fail

I've been lazy and undisciplined. I have no excuses. I'm giving myself a huge kick in the bum right now. I have spent money, on only small things but they were wants not needs (coffee, diet cokes). I did record my spending, on my iPhone, except yesterday I dropped my phone down the stairs and now its smashed and it won't start and I've lost all my precious data.

I had to buy a new phone today, I live alone and don't have a home phone so it's important I do at least have some way to get in contact with people. I opted for a cheapie $49 phone I still have 3 months left on my plan so I'm still on the ridiculous $69 plan that I always exceeded. I tried to be smart today when buying the phone, instead of opting for a phone that can check Facebook, twitter and Internet sites I got a basic phone with no internet access. I realised last night that I'm actually addicted to my iPhone and it's concerning, I check my Facebook and twitter several times a day, I google recipes and random things on my phone I regularly exceed my plan and will end up with $200+ phone bills for the most unnecessary things. When I bought my phone and I also purchases insurance on the phone and I am covered for this damage so I can lodge a claim and get a new phone except I don't think its a good idea for me to do. I'm going to wait out the next 3 months of my contract and then go onto a prepaid phone. I'm already having iPhone withdrawals though.

I've been seriously thinking and organising travel plans in my head and with family and this time I'm implementing an actual to honest gosh real spending ban. This is the 6 Month OH MY GOSH I'M 24 AND NEED TO TRAVEL SAVING PLAN"

The plan is this, (I'm paid fortnightly but planned it monthly for convenience)

I'm paid on average $3087.12 a month. I've done a monthly budget including savings, paying bills and daily expenses the budget I've worked on has a $445.$12 left over which I will first pay onto my credit card debt and then when my credit card debt is paid off it will go into my savings account.

parents 200
credit card 500
savings 300
rent 1173
food 200
phone 69
internet 60
electricity 40
play money 50
health 50
house 50
total 2692
monthly wage 2991.16
left over 299.16

Once my all my debts are paid off I should hope in about 3 months. I will then do a new budget that focuses specifically on saving.

The reason I've made this plan 6 months is that I think I'm going to need 3 months to pay off the debt and then 3 months to get some substantial money in my savings which will hopefully train my mind and my thinking for the next 6 months of saving for travel.

I know I have some big purchases coming up that will affect my budget however, they include 1) I have to fly back home in April to see my nieces christening and 2) I am taking french lessons so I will need to pay for 2nd semester in 2 months. I've got this figures in my mind and will be deducting money from my savings for these expenses (but only these expenses)

I am ACTUALLY going to do this.


I miscalculated my monthly pay and gave myself to much money, also thought it would be wise to add a household expenses portion.
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