Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An unexpected bill

I received an unexpected bill yesterday, it was $60 for a blood test I had to check my iodine levels, along with a host of other tests. Just so you other non Australian bloggers aren't shocked that I was shocked I was charged for a blood test, Australia has Medicare and things like blood tests are usually "bulk billed" aka covered by the government, which are paid for by our taxes.

Back on topic I was so shocked to receive the invoice because I had never been told that the iodine test wasn't covered under Medicare neither my doctor who prescribed the test, the receptionist at the clinic or the nurse who took my blood advised me this particular test wasn't covered. I'm the least likeliest person to complain or make a fuss but I really want to call the clinic and ask why I was never told about the extra cost.

Does anyone have any advice for contesting medical bills or any undisclosed bills?

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