Thursday, October 6, 2011

A well overdue goodbye.

I started this blog when I was out of control. I had no control over my spending habits, I had no control over my social partying and I had no control over my diet and health. I spent my time gleaning the archives of other PF bloggers, learning about budgets, credit card interest and paying off debt till it finally all clicked for me and I was able to pay off my credit card.

The next goal was saving for travel, however as it often does, life gets in way of your plans. In May this year I had a health scare and was told by the doctor if I didn't loose weight I would be on my way to diabetes and other health issues. I'd gained control over my spending and social habits but hadn't gained control over my diet or health. I put everything on hold and for the last 6 months I've been educating myself on healthy food and balanced diets and exercising. It's worked. I've lost over 15.5kgs aka 2.4 stone or 34pounds and I'm now in a healthy weight range, my tests are normal and I look and feel fantastic!

I am happy, healthy and still debt free, I'm still saving for travel but not as much as I planned as I have willingly forked out for personal training, nutritionist, gym memberships and exercise gear. I'm on track for a May 2012 travel date, which is exciting and I can't wait!

But I guess what I'm really trying to say is I'm a reader not a blogger. I'm no longer in the place I was back in August 2010 and I no longer feel the need to blog.

Thank you to everyone who has provided me guidance and advice along the way. I still check your blogs every now and then but right now I'm enjoying finally feeling in control of (most) aspects of my life and no longer burying my head in the internet/vodka/big mac!

Maybe I'll come back for a post to let you all know when I'm in London!


  1. I am sorry to see you stepping out of the blogging world, but I completely understand! Well done on your weight loss!! That is truly amazing!! Good luck with all your future endeavours, I hope I see you around.

  2. Well done on your weight loss (and being debt free).

    I totally understand you stepping out of the blogging world too......let me know when you're in London though :) :)

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