Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I learned last night

Last night I learned champagne and the macbook trackpad do not mix. Don't stress though! I also learn't if you cover said trackpad in rice for a day it will draw the moisture out and the trackpad will be back to new.

Today was payday, the majority of my pay is going straight to my rent so it's a frugal fortnight this time. I transferred $100 to my parents today as per our loan agreement. I have $1o0 left to go and I will be 100% certifiable, completely debt free. I wanted to give an extra $200 to my mum to pay back the "misc" money she gave me when I first moved but she won't let me.

My mobile phone contract finishes this month so I called the company tonight and cancelled my contract. I'm going to a $29 monthly prepaid account and cutting the internet off my phone. I've realised I do not need the internet and I can survive 8hours without checking my Facebook.

This is going to be a boring fortnight sorry guys, I'll be staying in, being frugal and doing nothing.


  1. Staying in..frugal...and credit card debt free...yay!! :)

  2. haha!

    Yes it is something to Yay about!


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