Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want to buy a vacuum.

Spending last week back at my mum's house has served 2 purposes, 1) to make me really, really home sick and 2) it's given me the spending urge!

I haven't purchased much things for my apartment because I know I'll be leaving it soon so I've been making do with substitutes, for instance I don't have a vacuum so I use a broom instead and i don't have a mop so I use an old towel and kind of walk it all over the floor, I realised when I was at home that this method is not doing the job, my mums floors are lovely and clean and mine are gross. I really need to buy a vacuum and a mop, I'm not going to go crazy and buy a Dyson or something I think I would be fine with a $40 one from Kmart. I feel guilty about going off my spending ban for this but I think I can deal with the $40 expense for the joy of a clean floor.

Am I kidding myself though? Should I make do with what I have? Do you guys think this an expense worth breaking my spending ban for?

EDIT: I've agreed to do overtime at work this week and I will use this income to buy a vacuum and put the rest into my credit card debt. Wow I think I may be finally starting to make responsible financial decisions.


  1. Maybe you can find a used vacuum on craigslist. I got mine from craigslist for $20 during a moving sale. Maybe it's best not to buy a mop used, though... :)

  2. I've been checking out Gumtree (our craigslist) for a used vacuum daily but unfortunately they're mostly an hour away from me.


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