Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 13th of March

I went to a free festival in my city today, we had a good time, saw some bands and enjoyed the general festivities. I had a great time, but I'm dreading sharing the spending I did, but anyway here it goes.

- $3.50 a bottle of water (entertainment
- $4.50 a corn on the cob (entertainment)
- $2.80 a slush puppie (entertainment) In my defence it was really hot

From now until next pay day I can not spend any money except for $1173 for my rent, $42 gym fees (which both get debited from my account) and my budgeted $50 for food. This should leave me with $72.91 left over from this fortnights pay which I plan to roll over into next pays budget for bills. From my next pay the complete OH MY GOSH I'M 24 AND I NEED TO TRAVEL SAVING PLAN comes into place.

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