Sunday, March 13, 2011

debt repayment plan

So I posted my last post without actually sharing how I was going to achieve paying off my debt by July, oops.

As per my budget on this post I'm aiming to pay off $500 a month to my credit card and $200 a month to my parents for the loan I took out for the bond on my apartment, with any amount left over out of my budget it will go straight to my credit card. With this payment plan I should be able to have all my debts repaid by the end of July.

Now onto the spending this weekend.

Friday 11th of March
- $25 - work dinner (entertainment)
- $10 - alcohol (entertainment)
I had a preplanned work social outing that night, I wasn't planning to buy alcohol but after a pretty stressful week we all shared a few bottles of wine (and I'm sure the resultant hangover on saturday morning)

Saturday 12th of March
- $6.08 - It was beautiful weather yesterday and my friends had a barbecue, my contribution was the soda (Food)
- $10 - I got a taxi home, I live only a 20minute walk from her place however to get to my place I need to go through a dodgy area, as I was walking home at 10:30pm a car tailed me for a few minutes so I ran across the road and grabbed a passing taxi, the taxi only cost me $6 but I was so grateful he stopped I told the cabby to keep the change (entertainment I guess)

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