Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pay Day

Pay day today.

Wednesday 9th March
+ $1675.51 - wage, including overtime pay
- $100 - credit card
- $100 - Parents loan
- $5.20 - lunch which is deducted from my weekly food budget
- $3.70 - Tram ticket, it was raining today and I had to get the tram home (need to figure out where this will be deducted from)
$29 - Prepaid internet top up

I made the most amazing (and cheap) dinner tonight! 3 Chicken thighs, 1 packet of dry soup mix, some powdered vegetable stock in the crock pot fill to a 3rd of the way with hot water then cook on Low for 8 hours.

I came home to the most delicious smell and I swear I'll have about 5 serves from this pot.


  1. I love my crock pot, it,s so easy to prepare the meal the night before and then take it out the fridge and turn it on before I go to work, delicious.

  2. it's fantastic during winter! I got mine last year and cooked some beautiful pea and ham soups, chicken soups and beef stews!
    This winter I'll definitely be getting more use out of it!


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