Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holiday Spending recap and no credit card use!

I had a lovely time with my family this week, we still had the usual family drama (don't all families?) but it was still great to be home and enjoy the warmer climate!

I set myself the budget of $100 for the holiday and I spent $106! I'm not kicking myself that it's only $6 over I had so many shopping temptations this week but I resisted them all PLUS I didn't touch my credit card at all! I'm happy I didn't use it, I even thought of using it a few times and was justifying a clothing purchase in my head but I resisted!

I also need to admit that I haven't been tracking my spending for the rest of this past pay period. I haven't exceeded my budget but I still haven't been tracking it. I'm still very focused on paying my credit card off and saving for travel so when I get paid this wednesday it's back to tracking my spending!

Holiday Spending
$10 - Necklace
$10.95 - Gift
$18.05 - Groceries for when I made dinner one night
$9.60 - coffee for my mum and I one morning
$8.20 - Coffee again
$13 - lunch
$5.05 - digital photo printing
$15.80 - supplies for plane ride (water, gum, magazine)
$7.50 - breakfast at the airport (I had a 7am flight and had to get up at 5am!!! for my flight)
$3 - coffee on the plane
$17.80 taxi home

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