Monday, March 14, 2011

Productive Day/No spend day

I had a productive day today, It's a public holiday here so I used the day off to clean my apartment, do my washing and do some organising. I cleaned up and organised my filing system, I had 2 expanding files that were just full of random documents with no organisation, while I was going through these files I found a $164 medicare refund check that I'd never banked! OMG. This is a definite pro to keeping an organised filing system in the future, I won't ever loose cheques!

I'm really focusing on de-cluttering right now, there's nothing more therapeutic then going through drawers and cupboards and riding yourself of junk you haven't used in years, I've thrown out clothes I haven't worn since high school, broken pieces of jewellery, old magazines and heaps of old birthday cards. I really wan to focus on getting my possessions down to the minimum in preparation for traveling.

Today was a no spend day YAY, mainly because I just stayed at home.


  1. Well done on your no spend day...and finding a cheque!

  2. My BFF in SA was also on holiday today, gotta love all the public holidays.

  3. Laura, thank you! It was a good surprise

    Maureen. I love the first half of the year! We have so many holidays!


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