Thursday, March 31, 2011

What should I do with this extra income?

Yesterday I went to the bank and deposited the lost medicare refund cheque I found last week when decluttering. It was for $160.45. I love the extra money BUT I don't know what to do with it. I have 4 ideas but I can't decide so I need some help.

Option 1) Buy new contacts $120 and put the remaining onto my credit card. It would be great to have contacts again, my glasses don't property fit my face and always slide down my nose, also it's a bit of a vanity thing.

Option 2) Put it straight onto the credit card

Option 3) Put it into savings

Option 4) Leave it as a buffer in my account for when any larger bills come through.

The vain shopping loving lady in me wants to go for option 1, but realistically I'm leaning towards either option 2 or 4. What would you guys do?

I've used part of the money last night for dinner and desert with some friends $36.99 and the rest I am doing Option 4 and leaving it in my account for larger bills, I know my electricity bill is due soon and I don't think I've budgeted enough, plus I'm going to need to pay the excess for my insurance claim next month.

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