Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wed 16th of March
- $40.42 - Groceries
- $29 - Pre-paid internet card, unexpected expense however I had to update my Operating System, which was annoying.

Thursday 17th of March
No spending

I'm thinking of taking my money update to weekly instead of daily, I'm to much of a scatter brain to remember to post everyday and it's probably boring for you all to read a daily spending report.

Anyway on to the good stuff, I'm going back home for a week next month and I've been thinking of allowing myself a $100 fun allowance for while I'm back home. I'm going to be catching up with friends and family and people are probably want to get a coffee, or go to the beach and then grab a drink and do other socially things. My mother and I also want to do something together, she's suggested going to this day spa which will cost $65 and you get a 1hr massage, use of a mineral pool as well as lunch at the cafe, it sounds amazing and Mum and I have never done anything like this before. However it would take a huge chunk out of my fun money and I don't think I can justify this right now, maybe I should just suggest we get pedicures instead?

I also was looking in the mirror today and It's come to my attention that I
really need a hair cut. A couple of months ago I had a misguided experiment with home bleaching and the results were disastrous, I dyed my hair back to my natural colour and have been frantically conditioning my hair but my hair is just fried and frizzy and it snaps off whenever I brush it. It's something I haven't budgeted for, or even considered but if I go to a training college I should be able to limit the cost if I go to a training salon.

I wouldn't mind something like these two styles,


  1. The first haircut reminds me of the urchin cut which was popular in the late sixties.
    I prefer the edgey cut, and I love the colour, wish I was brave enough to try this one for myself.


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