Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updated sidebars/Down to 3 digits!

So I noticed my pay came in early tonight so I decided to pay my bills so I could update my sidebars!

I would really like to bring to your attention to my credit card debt which is now $972.89, I've broken the $1000 barrier!!!

It was easy to get the debt down to this much, I always do this, I've been doing this for the past 6 years, running my credit card debt up and then paying it down, my real challenge this time is to keep it down for good, no more one off "small" purchases and my credit card stays at home. I've decided for know to keep my limit at the $1500 mark and keep the credit card around because I am going to need it in the future to buy overseas plane fares and things like that.

I'm also happy I have $300 left to pay back my parents on their loan but I've decided to pay back an extra $200 which my mother gave me as a gift to pay for misc items I needed for my new place. I figured it's time to stop relying on my parents for everything and my Mum could really use the money right now.

I've decided to change my savings account right now to an emergency fund. Once the emergency fund reaches $1000 I will start a separate savings account for travel savings. Eventually when I go to travel I will roll my emergency fund into my savings account or keep it as an emergency fund to have while I travel and maybe have enough for a ticket home or something in there.

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