Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back!

Hi everyone, sorry for the Radio silence, I ran out of pre-paid internet credit and instead of topping up with my credit card I was frugal and lived without the net for a week.

Of course I wasn't totally without the net, I still had my phone. I don't think I've talked about how much I love my new phone plan? It's the $29 Vodafone Pre paid flexi cap, you get 500mb of data AND free Facebook and twitter, I pretty much only use Facebook and twitter so I haven't chewed up my data allowance like I usually did on my old plan.

I'm still catching up with everyone's blogs but It's great to read how everyone's going. Maureen good luck with the restaurant!

It's pay day today Yay. I'm not putting as much as I wanted to into savings. I've had a dearer then expected phone bill $270, so glad this is the last time I deal with the monthly plan bill drama. I also needed to buy some winter clothes, on my credit card. Yeah I know I should have waited till pay week, but it is freezing here and I didn't even have a scarf, gloves or a beanie, and they're kind of essential in winter time. I told myself I could only use it as long as I paid it off in full at the end of the month.

It's not even winter yet and it's cold already, my apartment doesn't have heating and I thought I could survive as long as I rugged up and used a hot water bottle, but I was kidding myself, I need to buy a heater stat! I hate all this extra expenses though, I don't want to spend off my budget plan, I want to save as much as possible but as quickly as possible but I had to step back a bit this week and realise health and safety is more important that saving. I had a terrible year last year getting every cold and virus and I can't afford to have that many sick days this year. Don't worry though guys, I'm not going to go off on a spending spree, I've been researching and I think a small oil radiator should be fine, they're the safest and the cheapest to run compared the the electric radiators. If I set aside $200 for it I should be fine.

Enough about me, how are you guys going? What's new?

Oh and I paid off my parent's loan so I am completely debt free!!!!


  1. congratulations on being debt free!!! I think you should do more than just a line at the end of a post!!! Your debt free!!

  2. Congrats on paying off your loan! That's amazing :)


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