Sunday, May 1, 2011

I want to go Shopping!

I don't know whats wrong with me! I've paid my Credit Card off and I have no money in my savings account left to spend but all I want to do is go shopping.

I've looked at ebay for wigs, I've walked into MAC and played with the makeup and I nearly walked into JB HiFi to look at the DVD's but I stopped myself. I guess that good thing is that I haven't spent any money yet but that little spending voice in my head is starting to justify unnecessary purchases.

I don't think I have a spending addiction but I just love to shop and buy new and shiny things. It also doesn't help that I live in an inner city apartment block that is surrounded by the biggest shopping street in my city.

My Friday Inspiration posts keep me motivated as does the thought of having money in my savings account and being debt free, but sometimes it isn't enough, sometimes I just want to buy something.

To try and curb my spending or my want of new things I'm going to use my unused and new beauty products and make up every day, I'm hoping this will be enough of a mind game to help me not feel "without". I also only use cash envelope system when shopping which also prevents any non-budgeted expenses because I can visualise where my money is coming from, "oh only $24 for an entire season of Friends, that $24 from the food budget, oh gosh no put it back!"

I'd really love some advice or even some tales from your own life? Do you guys love to spend and how did you curb the spending habits? Better yet, for the ones that are debt free now how did you stop yourself from wanting to go shopping to reward yourself!


  1. I use to like to brag and say that I wasn't a consumeristic person. And I am not when it comes to cloths and make up but put me in a book shop and watch me whip out the credit card. I did that once last oct. I had just put 100 down on my credit card and on a whim decided to go to a massive second hand book fair. I budgeted about 80, I spent that and than saw another set that I wanted. Ya I put it on my credit card all 100 dollars of it. Thus up went the card again. How I curbed it. I decided to set myself the lofty goal of reading 50 books I already owned before Dec2010. That's kept me pretty busy. Try that with make up. Try to use up 10 things before you go and buy 1 new.

  2. I definitely struggle with same problem sometimes! The main thing I find that works for me is to avoid temptation altogether and steer well clear of any shops! Out of sight out of mind as they say! It would definitely be harder for you though if you are constantly walking past the big stores near your apartment as I can see it would be tempting to go in and browse. Fortunately where we are it's easier to avoid them on the way home.

  3. @sarah There's a Project 10 Pan thing in the make-up community in that you must hit "pan" on 10 makeup items before buying something new, I think I'll do that

    @rubee No such luck for me. I went to the Grocery shop today and passed MAC, JB HiFi, and Priceline. But I didn't buy anything!


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