Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping Time

I had to do a bathroom restock today, I didn't want to but I was getting a bit desperate so I picked up some much needed items. I got mouthwash, dental floss, exfoliating gloves, anti bacterial hand gel (it's flu season here and I can not afford to get sick like last year), umbrella (it's poring down rain here) and some makeup removing facee wipes. All in all it came to $38.74 and I can't believe how expensive it was an I only got generic. I could have got nearly a weeks worth of groceries with that much money.

I realised this week I need to update my glasses prescription, like Sarah at Digging out of Debt's son I have really poor sight and my lenses themselves cost over $200, including frames I'm looking at spending at least $400 on glasses. I don't have private health insurance so I can't get anything back. I can't put off getting a new prescription because I've been getting headaches and migraines from all the eyestrain. To be honest I'm really tired at how bad my eyes are, I've had significant eye operations when I was a child and my optometrists have always told me my eye sight prescription should stabilise when I become an Adult, well I'm 24 and every 2 years my eye sight gets worse by 4 points.

Anyway enough with the ranting, I've decided to go for contact this time 3months prescription for my lenses cost around $140 - $160 it's cheaper right now for me and good for my vanity. To pay for my lenses I did overtime on Saturday so I should be getting around $190 - $200 extra this pay. I've decided to take advantage of all the overtime that's on offer at work at the moment and use the money for any un-budgeted expenses (like the contacts) and put the rest into my savings.


  1. good idea to use over time that way!!! How about laser surgery?

  2. I can't get lassie until my prescription stabilises. :(

  3. Do you have Specsavers where you are? I had my prescription glasses done late last year and went for one of their cheap $59 frames. I got just the basic len specs too and it ended up costing me less than $200, if I remembered correctly.

  4. I do have specsavers and they are the dearest to purchase my lenses. I went in when they had the "buy one get one free" deal and found my lenses werent ibcluded in the deal and they wanted $350 alone for the lenses. Optical Superstore has the best prices but the lenses aren't that good as the dearer shops.

    I'm going to specsavers for my contacts though!

  5. I would totally do OT if my company offered to pay for it, if I needed it for something.

    You can also get glasses online and they are cheaper. Have you heard of Clearly Contacts?


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