Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekly spending

So it's payday today and today's a long post, to break it all up I'll do 2 posts, first post is my weekly spending

Friday 18th March
No spending

Saturday 19th March
-$45 haircut at the local training sailing (it looks awesome, very short)
- $12 Hair dye after cutting my hair I needed to dye the roots
- $7.67 Aldi ( my friend took me to the local aldi to check out the bargains, I didn't get much but I will definitely be back!
- $4.35 mcdonalds ( we got lunch, yeah shameful)
- $12 - we had a some beers at the pub afterwards

Sunday 20th March
- $8 hungry jacks

Monday 21st March
No spend

Tuesday 22nd March
No spend

Wednesday 23rd March
+ $1495.58 - pay
- $250 credit card
- $100 parents load
- $100 savings
- $49 internet
- $31.70 groceries

The end result of my fortnights budget is $2.82 left over which I snowballed straight onto my credit card. last fortnight I was good at paying my bills and staying within my actual fortnightly credit but I was bad at keeping within budget for my budgeted expenses.

I've tried to update my sidebars with the new total for the bills and savings I've paid today but its not working for some reason?

Anyway onto the next post.

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