Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't play lotto

There's a new TV show in Australia called Winners & Losers and it's about 4 old high school friends who meet up at a 10yr reunion and in an odd set of circumstances they end up buying a lotto ticket and in the power of television they win $10,000,000.

That's not the interesting part for me though, when they're buying the ticket one of the girls refuses to put in protesting that its not worth it and when they win the lotto the others decide to cut her into the win.

I'm the friend who never puts into the lotto ticket, I don't like to gamble and don't see the point of paying the money when the odds are so stacked against you to win but watching this show the other night I had a doubt of maybe I should actually enter or at least go into the office sweeps. But then I google the odds and find it's a 1 in 27,489,577 odds to win the lotto, maybe I'll regret this when my office wins the lotto but right now I'd rather but that ticket money to my credit card debt or a savings account and watch it grow.

What do you guys think? Am I being naive, should I put into the office sweeps? Do you guys play the lotto?

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  1. I wrote about post about this in one of my PF confessions. I do play the office lottery pool. I didn't the first year, because the stats are 1 in 14 million, after all. However, since my annual pool buy in is just $26, and it buys 5 tickets every week for the year - I figured, why not?

    Besides, I didn't want to be left out should we win. Because, if we were to win, it's not so bad splitting it 40 ways.

    Having said that, if it costs significantly more to join the office pool, or if it wasn't organized properly - then I'd probably stay out of it..


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