Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm frustrated

I'm frustrated with my friends right now they all know I'm saving to travel and I can't afford big nights but they just don't get it. I haven't gone out much recently and people are noticing, I have friends who will send me messages on Facebook saying how "We need to catch up" and inviting me out, when I say I can't afford to go out right now but I'd love to do something a bit cheaper maybe a cup of coffee or seeing the latest free thing thats held around my town they don't reply!

I had a close friend last night, chuck a tantrum over the phone at me "because I'm no fun anymore". I'm really sorry if I'm not fun but I'm broke and I'm trying to go overseas, clubbing is on permanent hold right now. I'm struggling a bit with my lack of social life right now, but I'm not saying the struggle is a bad thing I've been involved in an unhealthy social circle right now and I've known for a while I need to peel away from it all.

There's not much point to this post really, I just needed to vent some frustration. Sorry.


  1. Don't be sorry! I completely understand your frustration. I am not a clubber myself but I have friends who want to go out to movies and dinner and I tell them no, I had one friend a while back question my reasoning for not taking money out of my car fund just so we could go out to eat!!!

  2. Thanks! This is why I love PF Bloggers, we're all going through the same things!


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