Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. The day we commemorate the service of the men and women who fought to keep Australia free and safe, the reason for this date was during worldwar 1 25th of April was the date Australian and New Zealand forces landed in Gallipoli (turkey) to capture Turkey which was then an ally of Germany. The fight was not a success and we lost over 8,000 people and today is the day we thank them for their service.

ANZAC Day is not just about the 25th of April anymore though, today we also thank and recognise the service of every man and women who fought for Australia in all the proceeding wars. My ancestry is English and Australian during both World Wars our English side lost family members.

There are often news paper articles or news bites about young Australians being apathetic to the day but I'd like to argue that is only a small few (the drunk 18-19yr old Bogan boys). My friends and I are grateful for the service they provided for our freedom and every year we recognise this by attending the marches in support and speaking respectfully of the service these people have provided us. I'm planning to travel to Anzac Cove in Turkey during the next Anzac day to show my respects and see the service.

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