Friday, April 22, 2011

Sidebar update

It was payday on Wendesday and I transferred money to my debts and into my savings.

Current levels
Credit Card - $722.89
Parents Loan - $200
Emergency Fund - $300

I am so close to paying my credit card off I can taste it, I even have enough money in my bank account right now that I could transfer it all onto my credit card and it would be paid off! I was very tempted to do this on Thursday but I realised it wouldn't be a good idea because it would leave me with around $10 for the next fortnight and I would still be in the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

I'm steadily paying everything off and paying all my bills on time and at the current rate I'm on track to be debt free by the end of July!


  1. It makes sense to not leave yourself $10...although I would be so tempted to do it too!

  2. I know I am tempted but then I need to remember that if I did this most of my pay next fortnight as well would need to go to rent and I'd have another 2 weeks of no money.

  3. wait, I know its hard but its worth it! You don't want to find yourself in a place were you will have to use the card bc something has come up and you didn't leave yourself enough money to cover it.

  4. yep that was my exact thought to wait as well! I don't know what's coming around the corner so I'd rather have money then have to use my credit card again!


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