Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 week till payday

So it's one week till payday and my bank balance is depressing.

Last weekend was like a spending fiasco of sick, doctors, medication then shopping to make myself feel better.

It's lucky that my $1400 tax return came in on Tuesday, I transferred $1000 straight onto my credit card and I've kept the other $400 for the phone, internet, gas, mobile phone bills that are all due this week.

I've also been off sick 4 days this past week and 2 will be unpaid sick leave because I didn't have enough sick leave saved up thanks to the amount of colds I've been getting this winter. So even though i'm getting paid next week it will be substantially lower than what I'm used to so my budget is going to be pretty tight over the next 3 weeks.

I think over the next 3 weeks I need to implement a spending on entertainment freeze. I have friends birthday on saturday night that I really can't cancel on. I know she's just planning drinks so I could just go for one then come home, or drink water.

What do you do in social situations when you can't afford to spend up like everyone else is?

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