Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend damage

So I failed miserably with my budget this weekend.

Friday I ended up buying my lunch, then we got some not so good news at work so my co-workers and I decided to go out for drinks. Several beers later and a taxi ride home I'd spent $58.40!!!

Saturday wasn't to much better, I went straight to JB HiFi and spent $68.97 on DVDs and then for dinner $33.50 at the local pizza place.

It's not all bad, I woke up this morning with buyers remorse and made myself get back on the horse. I did a menu plan for the week and took out $50 cash and bought all my food for the week. Today I've made two lots of soups for work lunches so I won't need to buy any food for work this week.

I've entered all my spending in my budget and it sobering to see so many columns in my budget in negative territory. I'm upset that I let one thing get me down and I instantly decided to blow my budget but I am happy that I've got back on the horse. I'm not going to give up anymore when things get to hard.

Total Damage this weekend
Friday $58.40 - want
Saturday $102.47 - want
Sunday - $50 - Need


  1. We all have bad weekends, sometimes bad months, I just remind myself that a few days does not blow everything I'm working towards.

    Keep going you're doing so well :-)


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