Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Finances are a mess

Ok so my finances are a complete mess. Yes, I know we already knew this, I mean thats why this blog is here so I can track my progress and savings, but I don't know It's hard to explain it's like I always knew my finances were bad but I just choose to ignore it and now it's in writing and I'm looking into everything, its just so real.

Today I got my Mobile bill for the month $266.51!!!!! I'm on a contract which is only supposed to be $79 a month including $400 worth of calls and txts, 1gb of internet and insurance. I'm stuck on this contract until May this year. I opened up the bill completely shocked, but really the bill has been looking like this for a while so I don't know why it took me until today to be shocked but I digress. After looking over the bill I found $13.59 a month going to "Vodafone Live".

Vodafone Live is my mobile providers entertainment service, they have things like TV Shows, Movies and games, I have an iPhone and and the iPhone can not access Vodafone Live. I have absolutely no idea why I am being charged for this service I don't use.

I looked at the rest of the bill and everything extra is excess usage charges for the internet I had absolutely no idea I was using that much internet or COULD use that much internet on my phone. However the more I look back and think the more I see how those "just a quick check of facebook during break", google maps, looking up a recipe when Im downstairs cooking, showing a friend funny picture when out can really add up.

I called my provide today to discuss the Vodafone Live charge and they're systems are down and I was told to call back in 24hrs.

To top everything off I've had a terrible few weeks at work and exceeded my "entertainment" budget but ALOT with alcohol purchases to handle my terrible week at work, and when I was looking at my credit card balance to figure out how much I owed I was looking at the Available Funds Column not the Account Balance Column, so my actual credit card debt is $2155.10.

I feel like crawling into a ball and crying, or getting drunk.


  1. Ok 1) breathe...don't get drunk lol! 2) the reason you're blogging is because you want to stop this sort of thing happening, I know, I've been there, so view this as one mistake that you will not do again and move on.

    I really hope this doesn't sound condesending; I wanted to convey that this has happened to all of us,

    No blame, forgive yourself and move

    PS. You can do this...think of your travels, when you come to London I'll buy you a cup of coffee :-)

  2. Thank you, it's not condescending it's really helpful, what I needed to hear



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